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New! Info-perturbations (French)

Info-perturbations is a new tool offering specific information, every 10 minutes, on major train service disruptions (e.g. delays exceeding 20 minutes). This includes reason for the delay, estimated duration, and availability of alternative or local transportation.


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Take advantage of the Train-Alert service and be notified via email or text message of the service status of the trains you use regularly.

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Consult service status on Twitter and contact our Customer Service online from 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. to ask any question!
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Service status line and 511AMT

Call 514-287-8726, option 3 or consult the next train departures at your station thanks to the 511AMT (511268) service.*

Simply text the first 7 letters of a station to receive the time of the next 3 departures in both directions. For instance, for the McMasterville station, text "mcmaste".

* Charges may apply depending on the terms of your mobile phone service provider.